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Blooming Wellness Psychotherapy, Inc. was founded in the SF Bay Area, CA by Dr. Elena Duong and Dr. Susanna La in 2021. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative therapeutic environment based on authenticity, empowerment, and growth. We offer a space to connect with your purpose, vulnerability, and inner wisdom.

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Co-Founder and Licensed Psychologist


Co-Founder and Licensed Psychologist

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How Do I Get Started? 

Welcome!! It takes a lot of courage to take the first step towards healing. If you are interested in a free 10-15 minute initial video consultation with one of us, please click here to schedule your appointment. We offer a free initial consultation to assess whether our services are aligned with your needs. We can further discuss the therapy process when we connect.

If you have questions about our services, feel free to contact us through the form in the Contact tab. If you want more information about our specialties, feel free to browse through our Specialties page. 

How Does Therapy Work?

During therapy, we will work together to help you gain more insight into your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors while also learning how to cope with difficult problems and symptoms. Some common reasons people come to therapy include life transitions, grief and loss, stress, relationship issues, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

We offer a collaborative approach to work with you towards your therapy goals. Some benefits of therapy include a healthier self, improved relationships, solutions to specific problems, reduced distress, and increased wellness. Therapy is a long-term investment in yourself, and it is worth it.

How Long Does it Take Therapy to Work? 

There is no finite amount of time that works for everyone. Every person's situation is unique, so the length of time in therapy will vary depending on treatment goals. It also depends on your commitment and participation in therapy.

What is Your Hourly Rate? 

We are not accepting insurances at this time in order to provide you with quality treatment. Our initial intake session is $255. Our current hourly rate for general sessions is $205. The cost of future sessions will depend on what type of therapy is being utilized, such as couples, individual, family, and/or other specialty sessions. 

Under the No Surprises Act (HR133, Title 45 Section 149.610), you have the right to a “Good Faith Estimate” to help estimate the expected charges you may be billed. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to click here.

Are You Seeing Clients In-Person?

We are currently only conducting psychotherapy through phone and/or video within the state of California. If you are interested in learning more about Telehealth or Teletherapy, feel free to click here.