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Psychotherapy via Phone and/or Video

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be receiving the same quality of care through virtual therapy?

  • Yes, you will be essentially receiving the same quality of therapy as an in-person session

  • Engaging in Telehealth therapy allows for more accessibility and flexibility to fit into your busy everyday schedule. It can also be more convenient since there will be minimal to no travel time needed to access the session

How will things change without in-person physical cues?

  • There will still be physical cues seen on the screen and also what you report

  • This can help increase your own awareness of physical cues that may arise in session

How does Telehealth impact the therapeutic relationship, such as getting to know one another or building trust? ​

  • We can still develop a therapeutic relationship through devices. Technology can help people get to know each other and develop trust

What about privacy? Are virtual sessions safe?

  • Privacy is still essential and important. The responsibility of privacy in Telehealth is on both the client and therapist since you will be the only one who knows your own environment. Recommendations to help with privacy are located in the below section

  • At Blooming Wellness Psychotherapy, Inc., we use HIPAA-compliant platforms to communicate and conduct confidential sessions with clients

What about technical difficulties?

  • Technical difficulties can happen. When they do, we can help troubleshoot the issue. It can mean switching devices, changing a video into a phone session, or rescheduling the session. If there is a disconnection, we will reach out shortly to connect through phone

Preparing for Your First Telehealth Session:

  • Read and sign the confidentiality/consent forms to engage in therapy

    • Write down any questions you may have to ask in session​

  • Update your device software​ ​​and antivirus program

    • Close out of unnecessary windows to help minimize technical difficulties in session

  • Find a private space for the session and area to put your device (e.g., something to prop your phone up on)

    • Using ear/headphones to help with confidentiality​

    • Turning on "Do Not Disturb" on your device to minimize interruption

    • Hiding the video of your reflection can help with minimizing distractions​

  • Technical difficulties can happen

    • If your device is not working, your phone can be a great backup and can be faster at times

If you are interested in starting or continuing your Telehealth therapy journey with us, feel free to contact us.

Telehealth Therapy: The Clinic
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