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Co-Founder and Licensed Psychologist, PSY32480
Working with Clients Since 2013

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Do you feel lost in an overwhelming world? Have you followed the roadmap given to you and did all the “right” things, but still feel deeply unhappy and unfulfilled? I work with high achieving and sensitive women who are familiar with prioritizing the needs of family, career, and relationships before their own. Many clients I work with grew up in immigrant families and from an early age were emotionally neglected and parentified (taking on adult responsibilities as a child). If this sounds like your bicultural childhood, as an adult, you’ve likely experienced burnout, resentment, isolation, anxiety, and relationship problems.

Together we can work on understanding the impact of family and generational trauma, having emotionally unavailable/immature parents, unlearn dysfunctional family patterns, reduce unrealistic/perfectionistic expectations, set boundaries, and increase your self-compassion/self-care. You no longer have to repress, ignore, minimize, and invalidate your suffering. You matter and I am here to support you as you learn to safely express your feelings and needs. Your inner child is waiting for you to understand, embrace, and heal your wounds.

As an Asian American woman, a ‘work in progress’ people pleaser, and highly sensitive person, I hear and understand you. I am committed to your wellness journey so you can live a more sustainable and meaningful life that honors you and your inner child. If you are looking for a genuine and compassionate human and culturally responsive psychologist, you will enjoy working with me! 

You can schedule a consultation appointment with me by clicking here or if you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.


Licensed by the California Board of Psychology

Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Counseling Psychology, New Mexico State University

Clinical experiences in various settings including Kaiser Permanente, San Jose State University, Memorial Medical Hospital, and Mesilla Valley Hospice

Professional Affiliation

Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA)

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